Local Legends

Rivington Grill cherishes food that is foraged, farmed and fished in the British Isles. We treasure our suppliers. They are our local legends.



Aberdeen sirloin Suffolk red rump
Devon red chicken
Suffolk pork belly
Hereford rib eye

Darren North, alongside his father Charles North and brother Joseph North, have played a key part in running Billfields Food Company since 1994, sourcing only the best quality meats across Britain.

Through their hard work, dedication and the highest quality produce, the trio recently completed the successful purchase of Billfields and now have total control of the business.


Murray's Fresh Fish

Anglesey sea bass
Isle of Shuna mussels
Produce also comes from the Isle of Wight

Murray’s Fresh Fish supply the freshest fish from all parts of the UK, rather than relying on the catch of one location like many competitors. Through their direct and wide reach of locations, restaurants are guaranteed a fresher supply and a wider variety of fish on offer.

With fish and shellfish coming directly from the markets of Looe and Newlyn in Cornwall, Brixham in Devon and the Shetland Isles, as well as fish, crab and lobsters coming directly from the fishing boats from which they started the business along the coast of Portsmouth, Murray’s continues to deliver the daily catch with a heavy focus on sustainable fish such as gurnard, pollack, lemon soles, coley and black bream.


The Wright Brothers

Morecambe Bay shrimp

Wright Brothers wholesale was established in 2002, supplying many London restaurants with a wide-range of both French and British oysters, as well as a selection of shellfish and wet fish from Cornish day boats.

The Wright Brothers have a passion for all things from the sea. They also have their own oyster beds on Frenchman’s Creak in Cornwall, a little further west around the coast from Falmouth.


Clarence Court

Old Cotswold Legbar eggs, Burford browns, when in season guinea fowl, pheasant, duck, goose, quail and bantam eggs

Clarence Court is a family run business that use renewable energy sources on farms, with welfare provisions well in advance of the law and a dedicated livestock ethos. With full traceability of product, poultry and feed and a modern packing centre, they ensure egg safety to the utmost. Where possible Clarence Court use recycled materials for their packaging.

All their eggs are free range from rare breed hens eggs produced around the UK. The Clarence Court Old Cotswold Legbar eggs have a distinctive pale blue shell with a rich creamy yolk with a dense flavour.


Hansen & Lydersen

Smoked salmon

Hansen & Lydersen began as a family run business in 1923, run by fishmonger Lyder-Nilsen Lydersen. He developed the family recipe, using a subtle mixture of juniper and beech woods. Ole Hansen brought his great-grandfather’s recipe to London where he and his wife Flora now run the family smokehouse in Stoke Newington.

Using a craft perfected over generations, they insist on producing their salmon according to long standing smoking traditions - using natural woods to produce the smoke, cutting thicker slices to enhance the natural taste and texture, and packaging in plain wrapped paper.


Yorkshire Game

Grouse, Pheasant, Partridge, Rabbit, Venison and Blackface Haggis

Yorkshire Game is a primary processor or Wild Game Birds and Wild Scottish Venison. It sources game and venison from many estates across the north of England and the length of Scotland. It operates from an EC licensed plant near Richmond in North Yorkshire, with a large team dedicated to supplying its customers with high quality game.

Yorkshire Game has been processing game since 1983 and also distributes specialist red meat products from its owners, Ben and Percy Weatherall’s farms in South West Scotland, such as Blackface Haggis.


Portland Shellfish

Cornish crab

Portland Shellfish are a wholesale seafood company specializing in a variety of shellfish products. Whether it is crab or lobster from the icy waters of the North Atlantic or warm water shrimp from around the world, Portland Shellfish provide superior quality products on a year-round basis direct from the source.


Dorset Oysters


Dorset Oysters was founded in September 2008 by Pete Miles, restaurateur, chef and fisherman. When Pete became frustrated that he could not source local oysters for his restaurant, he had the idea that he could purify his local Othniel oysters (one of the largest oyster farms in the UK) himself. In 2008 Pete was granted organic producer accreditation from the Soil Association.

This accreditation, coupled with the quality of the oysters supplied, led Pete to decide to build a hi-tech depuration plant to purify these organic rock oysters and other local shellfish and begin supplying other restaurants.


East End Honey


East End Honey is supplied to Rivington by Andrew Casson, a beekeeper with over 15 years of ‘Urban’ beekeeping experience.

Andy began his career as a food educator at London City Farm and since leaving has continued to keep honey bees as a hobby and now manages 10 colonies located in Redbridge, east London. East End Honey is renowned for its superior aroma and flavour, which stands out against mass-produced honey and that foraged in the countryside – its quality has been recognised at the National Honey Show where it has won awards over a number of years.


Neil’s Yard Dairy

Golden Valley
Goat’s curd

Neil’s Yard buy cheese from approximately seventy cheesemakers from farms around Britain and Ireland and sell the cheese in their two shops in London and to shops and restaurants all over the world. Neil’s Yard aim is to keep in close contact with cheesemakers and customers - above all to be in very close contact with all the cheese passing through their hands.

Many of the cheeses are either matured on the farm or in their own maturing rooms in Bermondsey which are in brick railway arches. The insulation provided by the venerable Victorian brick work helps maintain good conditions for the cheese: humid and cool.



Hedgerow Garlic

Forager is a rural enterprise specializing in wild food, mostly in leaves, stems, roots, flowers, seeds, and fruits of wild plants.

Wild food is the ultimate in seasonal, local and sustainable produce. No fossil fuels are expended, no fertilizers to promote growth. Forager strive to reconnect with a lost food heritage.


Peter Gott’s

Black Pudding

Sillfield Farm is run by Peter Gott, who comes from a family of retailers, food manufacturers and farms with four shops and four markets within the north west of England where they sell bacon, cheese, poultry, and sausages. Wild boar production started in 1993, when Peter’s brother gave him four wild boar gilts as a joke.

The farm now has about one hundred and fifty wild boar stock originating mainly from German and Belgian lines, as well as some wild boar breeding stock with Russian blood in them. The wild boar is reared on conventional pig-feed, but all additives and growth promoters are excluded. Sillfield’s has won numerous awards and is a member of the National Market Traders Federation.


South West Snail Company


South West Snails, based in beautiful north Devon, are of the few producers of snail products in the UK.

Established for over 10 years, the snails are reared in a controlled environment which ensures a high level of growth, health and hygiene. They thrive on a cereal-based diet which includes thyme, marjoram and parsley to enhance their flavour.


Elwy Valley Lamb


Elwy Valley Welsh Lamb is bred on a family run hill farm, in the heart of north Wales. Lambs are raised to both animal welfare and environmentally friendly standards, in the view of the Snowdonia mountain range and nurtured by clean westerly winds, rain and sun.

The lamb is usually hung for maturation for 10 - 15 days to ensure that extra succulent flavour that makes for the very best eating experience. Elwy Valley Welsh Lamb’s quality is recognised for its tenderness and exceptional sweetness.


The Ice Cream Union

Ice Cream

The Ice Cream Union was founded in 2006 in Battersea, by the Italian/Argentine brothers, Alex and Franco Fubini, who wanted to share their passion for artisan ice cream. All ice creams are made the traditional way - by hand - to guarantee both their flavour and consistency.

Simon Wadham, Rivington Grill Head Chef, was quick to recognise shared values and The Ice Cream Union now develop bespoke flavours for Rivington.


Pugh’s Piglets


The founding partner’s of Pugh’s Piglets have been pig farmers for over 40 years. The Pugh family are very much part of the daily running of the business. Barry and Gillian Pugh together with their son Richard and dedicated team, take in hand the weekly task of personally selecting over 250 pigs which have to be of the highest quality breeds.

Barry Pugh purchases and personally selects each and every pig, ensuring that every order is usually from the farm to the table within three days. Such dedication to the purchasing of every animal also incorporates full traceability and excellent animal welfare within the purchase chain. All Pugh’s products are guaranteed to be bred and reared within the United Kingdom.


Island Shellfish


Island Shellfish, located in the small fishing village of Port St Mary on the Isle of Man, specialises in supplying half shell Manx Queenies to high quality restaurants and eating establishments across the UK, where their half shell Queen scallops are in great demand.

Since the business began in early 2011 Island Shellfish have built strong relationships with their clients, delivering only the freshest and the very best half shell Manx Queenies.